Descendants of John Rose


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John Rose

From his son’s marriage certificate, he was a Blacksmith.  A blacksmith of roughly the right age (55) called John Rose was at Denham, Bucks with a wife called Mary in 1841.  John probably died there the following year while Mary lived for a further 20 years.  The couple married in 1809 at St James’s Parish Church in Fulmer, which is just 3 miles south west of Denham.  Mary’s maiden name was Newman.  John may well have been born in Fulmer – one was baptised on 20 February 1786 to John and Ann Rose.  There is only one suitable parental marriage in the Fulmer records: John Rose wed Ann Curtis in 1764.  Ann was probably baptised in Fulmer in 1743.  A Fulmer couple, or couples, called John and Ann Rose had at least 9 children between 1767 and 1786, including 4 sons called John and 2 daughters called Ann.  It is entirely possible that the John Rose born in 1785/86 was the son of Ann Curtis, who would have been just 43 years old when she gave birth.


Joseph Newman

He was baptised on 24 January 1819 at Uxbridge St Margaret’s Church, Hillingdon in Middlesex to John and Mary Rose. 

Joseph followed his father and became a Blacksmith.

Twenty years later, in 1839, he married Mary Crane, daughter of another blacksmith, in Hillingdon.

Mary was the daughter of Samuel Crane and Sarah Bettesworth who came from Chalfont St Peter in South Buckinghamshire.


Their first child, Joseph, was born a year later, probably in Denham, Bucks.  He almost certainly died in infancy.


In 1841, Joseph Newman Rose was working at Iver, south west of Uxbridge, while his wife and son were with her parents in Chalfont St Peter.


By 1843, when Hannah Maria was born, the family still had links with Middlesex – she was born at St Mary’s Church in Sipson, just north of Heathrow Airport.


The rest of the Rose children – Rosetta (1847), Elizabeth (1850), Isabella (1854) and Harriet (1859) – were all born and baptised in Denham, though Harriet, for an unknown reason, was also baptised in Chetwode, near Buckingham. Isabella married Alfred Martingale in 1879. Remarkably, her husband volunteered for war service in 1914 at the age of 56. Assigned to the Royal Defence Corps, he was discharged in 1917 on account of his arthritic hands and feet. He died in Croydon in 1924. Isabella followed him in 1932.


The census returns indicate that Joseph was Denham Village’s blacksmith from 1851 until his death in 1879. 


Hannah Maria probably moved to Piccadilly in central London, where she was a Servant.  She married a Scottish tailor called John McDougall in Clerkenwell in 1873.

The couple probably moved in with her parents for a few years – Edith, their first child, was born in Gerrard’s Cross in 1874.

Thereafter they moved to the Oxford / Reading area, where Alexander (1877), John (1879) and Rose (1883) were born.

They ended up in Brighton, where Rose met an itinerant musician called Herbert Bateson.  They married in Bradford in 1905.