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HAIN HOUSE Residential Unit

This a temporary link to my review of this care home.

Banking Tips for Power of Attorney accounts

Power of Attorney (POA) banking can be a fraught process, both time-consuming and stressful.
Banks have different rules on how POA accounts are opened and how they are operated.

Here are some notes on how those banks I’ve used deal with POA accounts.


Mansion Tax? - Valuation Office Mistakes     
Name Location Photo Tax Band Notes
Langley House   Bradford         G After a Tribunal hearing against their decision to impose a G banding on a modest house when a neighbouring mansion has an identical G banding, the VOA inspector said: "Well, Band G has a wide range"

Name aka Business Residence Rent Arrears Notes
Donatas Kukucionis  bobrov123 Ultimate Car Wash  Aberdeen  1 month  Tenant from Hell - used the house as a doss for all 6 of his Lithuanian car washers 
Audinga Metrikyte      Aberdeen  1 month Tenant from Hell's partner 

Review of Business Contact  Problem   Notes
WJ Surveyors
House surveys
PW This was a full building survey. The Surveyor did not see a severe woodworm infestation or an obvious damp patch. He said there was no electric light in the basement (where the woodworm is) and stored items were in the way. The Judge (yes, I sued) sympathised, claiming that the use of a headtorch in a restricted height cellar would have limited the surveyor's ability to identify the woodworm. See the full story here.
Pest control
Kenny Bell (Inspector) Rentokil reported mice droppings & prescribed a £200 annual course of treatment. The Council's Pest Control Officer said there were NO mice in the house.
When challenged, Rentokil's Inspector admitted he was "not 100% sure".
Secret Window 1865
Ebay Jasminka Spoljar-Rahim
Sells cheap, repro jewellery but pretends it is 'one-off', 'rare', 'vintage' or 'genuine' Described as 'Edwardian Suffragette' jewellery or 'Vintage Russian theater' jewellery once owned by her Godmother. 

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